Build Process

  1. Free Assessment and Quote – Blue Lake Pools offer a free assessment and quote right from the start. The idea is to reach pool perfection and visualise exactly how you want your dream laid out prior to construction. We will discuss with you the positioning of your pool and the size you’d like. Afterwards, we’ll talk about fencing and the surrounding legal requirements. Once you’re absolutely sure about what you want, we’ll send a written quote.
  2. Contract and Deposit – Upon acceptance of the quote, a (Master Builders) contract will be signed along with a deposit made. We then provide you with a job sheet outlining everything included in the process.
  3. Lodging Approvals – Next, your plans are drawn up officially, along with council approval lodgements. The lodging is included in the price quoted.
  4. Pool Excavation – In the first week, we get straight into action. Pool site preparation is the first stage as we remove any trees, fences or walls. On-site, an exact dig spot is drawn up ready for excavation. Using a 3-7 tonne excavator and or Bobcat, the hole is then dug out, being completely mindful of any water/sewerage pipes or electrical lines. Next, sub-floor drainage work is completed. This process is not as long as it seems as in just three weeks, you’ll have the pool of your dreams.
  5. Paving, Borders and Features – Any paving, borders or fencing requested included in the quote will now be installed. Extra pool surrounds or features are also able to be installed with this process. This is the best stage, as a great pool can turn into a spectacular pool.
  6. Fencing, Cleanup and Handover – Upon completion of the pool coping, we’ll clean your pool up and add the necessary chemicals required to maintain a healthy swimming pool. With this, we will show you exactly how to properly maintain and operate your pool.

And now, you really do have the pool of your dreams!

Products We Use

Blue Lake Pools uses only the best quality ancillary products for your pool and include:

  • Filter
  • Coping of your choice
  • Interior finish of your choice including white cement with white pebbles and blue glass pebbles, Quartzon, 
  • Filter:  .
  • Pump:
  • Pool sanitisation
  • Skimmers      
  • Lights
  • Hand over cleaning kit including, aluminium pole, plastic bristle brush, flat mesh skim net, with a handover demonstration.
  • climbing robotic cleaner
  • pool blanket and roller
  • Chemicals:    


A new swimming pool is a measured investment and you will want to be confident in your choice. Tommy will answer any of your questions with considered and factual advice.

We use a Discussion Running Sheet so that we cover all of the details of your pool

Helping you make a comfortable decision to have a beautiful, refreshing “Blue Lake” in your back yard is our intention.

Call Tommy now on 0407 848 171 and start your quest for your new pool.