Features & Options

Blue Lake Pools has a wide range of additional pool products and features for every need.

Water Features

It’s what we do after we build your pool that really matters. Our mesmerising water features turn your pool into a flowing blue lake and are available upon request.


Sometimes the perfect pool is incomplete without the additional luxuries. Having a spa next to your pool is not only an attractive pool add-on, but it’s also the best water massage for unwinding after those long days. We have a flexible range of spas available to suit your design preference and budget. Now you can relax in warm, jet-propelled bubbles whilst you and your guests enjoy the ideal amenity.

Heaters / Solar Heating

The last thing on anyones mind in winter is a nice swim to cool you off (maybe if you want to freeze). With the luxury of a pool heater, a swim is never a second thought away. We are able to install heaters into your pool in the build process, which might just be the best addition yet. Solar heating systems are also available for an inexpensive method of getting the cold out of your pool. Winter swim anybody?

Pool Covers and Roller Blankets

Blue Lake Pools have many pool covers and rollers available for installation in your new pool. Many people think a pool covers only use is to stop leaves and other debris from falling into the pool. However, the benefits are much more. These include temperature increase from direct sunlight, reduced pool evaporation and cut-down chlorine consumption. It might not seem like a big difference now, but eventually, a cover is going to save you a lot of time and money as your pool now requires less supervision.

Custom Lighting (LED)

A pool with a nightlife is well needed within our culture. We offer many types and styles of pool lighting, from the base level to extraordinarily fancy. Lights give your pool another degree of attractiveness, and we give you the opportunity to customise them to your desire. The brightness of lighting differs depending on the shape, colour and size of your pool to ensure maximum quality. Our light selection is LED-based, providing brilliant lighting whilst being energy efficient at the same time.

Filters + Magnesium

We install every type of pool filter and advocate the best to suit the needs of your pool. We stock Sand filters and all leading brands, including advanced Hurlcon filters. We now install magnesium pool filters, replacing the need for constant chlorine or saltwater pool maintenance. Having a magnesium pool helps maintain water clarity, filters out dust and dirt and restricts the formation of calcium building in and around the pool. This is a much more hands-off filtration system for those looking for lower pool maintenance. We ensure that the recommended pool filter will easily keep your pool sparkling all year.


Saltwater pool systems have many extra benefits compared to chlorinated pools. Whilst saltwater pools still contain some chlorine, they are scientifically proven to be safer. Pool maintenance is a breeze, as the system produces chlorine when needed and less monitoring is required. Saltwater pools are much more soothing on the eyes and skin, creating a more enjoyable experience.