Know exactly what you’re getting with Blue Lake Pools. View our list of what makes each pool installation spectacular.

Each pool installation at Blue Lake Pools includes:

  • Paid council fees and a drawn up plan submitted on the behalf of the customer
  • the pool back-filled with cement and quality crusher dust
  • Natural granite coping tile (400×400)
  • Ocean Reef or Barrier Reef pool with 25 years’ warranty
  • Crane hire and excavation included (based on the size of the pool)
  • 1x colour changing LED light (2x for pools over 8m)
  • A fibreglass filter with Zelbrite filtration or cartridge filter
  • A concrete bond beam set up by a licenced concreter
  • A Davey self-cleaning chlorinator (additional cost for ES3 freshwater system)
  • A Davey ECO power-saving pool pump
  • A handover kit including a flexible hose, leaf net, brush, thermometer, telescopic pole, vacuum and resuscitation sign
  • An automatic pool cleaner (additional cost for an in-floor cleaning system or a wall climber)
  • The site cleaned up and pool salted, cleaned and running

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