Pool Excavation

No Pool Excavation is too Hard

At Blue Lake Pool & Spas, we get it right from the start with our professional pool excavations done by our builders. The difficulty of your site in relation to slope, access or soil type* doesn’t matter. We can accomplish your pool foundations with minimum hassle and expense. A perfect finished pool has no shortcuts. Structural integrity is the key to a long lasting pool.

Pool Site Preparations:

  • Site preparation (e.g. removal of trees, fences, walls or paths)
  • Pool excavation, using a 3 – 7-tonne excavator and/or
  • Bobcat, being extremely mindful of water, sewerage pipes and electricity cables
  • Removal of soil
  • All sub-floor drainage work, formwork and steel reinforcing
  • Concrete spraying of your pool.

Contrarily, we can even fill in a pool that takes up too much room in a yard, or a pool that is no longer in use.

*Rock excavation will naturally cost extra.

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