Why Choose Us?

A concrete reputation set in 30 years of experience

Established in 1990, Blue Lake Pools has nearly 30 years of experience under our belt in designing and building luxury pools around Central Queensland. Master Builder Tommy Heathfield constructs captivating pools that not only look breathtaking but make people happy.

Our Trade

Installing fibre glass pools is what we do best. Building the pool that looks the best and feels right for you is our main focus. We can do engineering including soil testing if required before the construction process. Renovations and rejuvenation of existing pools is a service we are happy to provide to make your pool look new again.

Guaranteed Quality

We want to make sure you can feel safe with our work and construction expertise. Each pool we build has a QBCC Pool structural warranty of 6 years guaranteed in the case of something improbable happening. See some examples of our beautiful pools in our Gallery.

Free Consultation and Advice

We believe that the perfect pool is achieved right at the beginning, before the build process. The right idea needs to be given vision, and that’s just what we’ll do. Tommy will sit with you and discuss your dream pool in every detail and give you the best solution possible.

Our Certification

As a Queensland Master Builders Association member, we pride ourselves on the high standard of our pools.

Our Queensland Building and Construction Commission license number is 1089307.

With the experience and qualification we hold, you can trust us to build the perfect pool and fulfil your dream.

Talk to the builder, not the salesman.